Wednesday, November 15, 2006


There are some days when I am moved more than normal to show love to my children. This never implies that there are days I am not moved to show them love; rather, only that most days I only bother them so much with requests for hugs and kisses and questions about their days at school and the like. Other days, I am much more excessive with my affection.

Today will be one such day.

Usually these days are brought on by a sad story that forces me to appreciate the presence and health of my children regardless of everything else in the world that is wrong. Today isn't much different. In my search for worthwhile men's/father's interests and resources, I came across a blog called Total Depravity. Via this blog, I was led to another in which I found the story of how the author's firstborn, a girl, died. The link is here. Be warned--this will wrench you and make you cry. Save time afterward for grief, and probably a good deal of pouring an overgenerous amount of attention onto your kids.

So today I will go home and pour my love onto those three little beasties, knowing full well that within 24 hours or less one or more of them will very likely yell at, lie to, disrespect, mutteringly curse, or otherwise defame me and/or their mother. I will do this for its own sake, because, in spite of everything else these children may be, they are still my beautiful, precious, Divine gifts, and deserve to be treated as such. Even when they pour juice over their shoulder behind their seat in the truck when they think they aren't being watched.

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