Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm in a state of unrest today. Even though I've upped my water intake and paid more attention to my health, I can still feel a drop in basic health. Maybe I'm fighting something. Maybe it's because I haven't stopped in 7+ days and have many more busy ones to go before next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when, despite the holiday, no one sits still and relaxes.

I don't want to do any GC injections today, or mass spec runs, or IR scans. I eyeball the dismal morning through the window and dread walking out there to the LN2. Even though I was all abuzz earlier in the week about what I needed to get done, none of it is of any interest now. I feel sedentary and restless at once. I feel disturbed. What I really want to do is write.

Not that I have some great thing I have to get out, or something to get off my chest, but I feel the need to express today and see what comes of it. Most of the days I'm here, I enjoy my job. It's interesting and rewarding, I work with smart, professional people who not only care about their work but are genuinely decent and friendly. But today I'd rather be alone with the keyboard.

I need to be careful at times like this. I tend to isolate, then forget about creating, then chaos ensues. It's a fine line with me.

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