Friday, June 11, 2010


(Fragment, possibly a repeat post. Dated /19/2009)

Falling apart, but not for the first time. Pieces go in different directions, according to their inclinations. I hold onto as much as I'm able, but not much is retained. Orientation has gone awry.

I Am Dante's Grand Deception

(Unfinished, dated 3/20/2008)

I am Dante's grand deception.

How am I doing? Well...

Do you want the truth or the cover story? Are you sure? Here goes; it's not pretty.

I'm a mess. I've got a car I left months ago at a dealership, which they consider abandoned, that I just can't pay for. Funny thing, I work at a building whose property is adjacent to this dealership's back lot, and every day when I pull in and every day when I go home, I see my green derelict right against that fence.

Late last summer I got a ticket which I never paid. Several weeks ago my license was suspended. I recently had a birthday, which means the tags on both our vehicles are now expired. If I get pulled over, chances are I won't be driving away in my own car with a ticket my only souvenir.

I Am Jack's Utter Self-Loathing

(Unfinished, dated 12/12/2007)

Alright you, it's time we had a talk.

We both know there are things going on that are completely out of control, and it's time to grab that rope, burn or no burn.

I won't get into specifics here; it's neither the time nor the place, but this crap you pull on yourself is costing money, causing stress, and creating an environment that isn't good for anyone in the family. How can you concentrate on what's real and true? Truth is you can't, and I can't either. The only "real" and "true" is the facade you wear every day as you dress for work, give a progress report, talk about school and