Monday, November 26, 2012


Times of waiting are never wholly pleasant.

Of course, despite the flowery composition, that's not a fully-formed thought, but it's a nice rendition of what's always the top layer of any exploration of what it means to wait. Waiting necessarily means not getting what you really want or are expecting right when you want or need it. Waiting means doing something else--sometimes to a maddening end--until such a time as the Wanted and Needed become available. I would be remiss in not mentioning that, usually, if a thing is truly worth waiting for, the wait itself creates a heightened sense of satisfaction once the Wanted and Needed are finally received, but...

...that last bit isn't part of the surface thoughts about waiting. Usually they just go like this: waiting sucks.


  1. i'm not a patient girl, but there have been a few rare times i waited. and yes, the wait was worth my while. :)

    but i concur...waiting does suck hard boiled eggs! hehe

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