Friday, September 14, 2012

55: Satisfaction

Sweaty and deliciously filthy, we finally lay still in the grass. “Oh my god,” she cooed, taking a long breath, “I haven’t been worked that hard in ages.” She smiled and closed her eyes, and I could almost see a golden orange glow lifting softly from her body like glorious steam.

Yardwork: sexiest chore EVER!
* * * * *
FFF-55 Vol. XLV. Tell a story in exactly fifty-five words. Go see G-Man.


  1. Linc....
    I don't like the lawn trimmed TOO short though!!
    When I was growing up, there was no such thing as weed wackers either!!
    Loved your Double Entendre 55 Brother.
    Thanks for playing, and have a hedge-trimming, weed wacking, Kick Ass Week-End

  2. HA! All I ever get is blisters and a sore back. I must be doing it wrong. ;_) Great 55.

  3. Kind of makes me sorry I live in a town home where yard work is taken care of by an efficient crew of guys .... on the other hand ~~~~

  4. ha why do you think my leaf pile is so big....ha....

    hahahaha joys comment....

  5. Seed catalogues have the most delicious centerfolds, I guess that's why spring is such a frisky season!

  6. I used to do the lawn. God, I hope I was not letting off steam. Would be so embarrassing. LOL. Love your steaming 55! Sexy!! Mine is here
    Have you an AWESOME WEEKEND!

  7. I always wonder at such yardworkouts. won't they give you bruised backs???

  8. Quite honestly, there is something extremely sexy about a guy in work boots and dungarees, a little dirty, a little sweaty. A little hot. Most be my farm upbringing.:)

  9. I sodded my whole back yard once by myself. It was the hardest job I have ever done. carried rolls of grass and I was covered in dirt. My neighbor didn't even recognize me. I had to get it done because a storm was coming ... I must say, there was NOTHING sexy about it. :)

  10. except for those of us allergic to cut grass.....aaaaahhhhhchoo! hehehehe

  11. Very charming. Whitman with new twist.