Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Am

Here's what I am: I am thankful for what I have, even though it may not fit your description of satisfactory. I am working to become a better person, in one way or another, every day, though I am also occasionally complacent. I am sometimes morally weak, but I am also quick to recognize it. I am simple and humble, and as a result, stronger. I am eager to reciprocate and be your true friend, if you're willing to share your true self. I am sexual and raw, and I am almost sorry if that offends you. I am as good as anyone else in this world. I am process-oriented and analytical. I am always trying to be as honest with myself and with you as I can.

Here's what I am not: I am not satisfied with being sedentary. I am not interested in your negative assessment of how I live my life, treat my family, or keep my home. I am not going to spend any time or energy playing social games just to make you feel better about yourself or help you support some emotional facade. I am not lecherous. I am not willing to change who I am because you disapprove. I am not better than anyone else in this world, and neither are you. I am not cold or calculating. I am not always pleasant to be around.


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