Friday, June 11, 2010

I Am Dante's Grand Deception

(Unfinished, dated 3/20/2008)

I am Dante's grand deception.

How am I doing? Well...

Do you want the truth or the cover story? Are you sure? Here goes; it's not pretty.

I'm a mess. I've got a car I left months ago at a dealership, which they consider abandoned, that I just can't pay for. Funny thing, I work at a building whose property is adjacent to this dealership's back lot, and every day when I pull in and every day when I go home, I see my green derelict right against that fence.

Late last summer I got a ticket which I never paid. Several weeks ago my license was suspended. I recently had a birthday, which means the tags on both our vehicles are now expired. If I get pulled over, chances are I won't be driving away in my own car with a ticket my only souvenir.

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