Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Untitled Short Fiction

"Thing is, I'm not welcome there anymore," John said as he eyed the place sideways.

His wife looked at him puzzled for a moment, then deliberately diverted her attention. "Then where are we going to go?" she asked simply, looking away from him.

John sighed deeply, and the pain in his forehead let him know he wasn't hiding his anxiety well. He looked directly as Melissa. "I don't know. We'll find someplace." He added, "I'll find someplace."

"Well Jesus Christ, John," Melissa snapped, this time making full eye contact. Her gaze was unforgiving. "That's what you said last week. And the week before that you told me this place wouldn't be a problem. And in June it was all, 'Baby, we on a roll!'" She huffed to stop herself, looking away again. "This isn't going to work, John. I'm going without you." She shook her head and picked up the baby seat. "See you later," she said, as she walked away.

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