Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ahem. Testing 1-2-3. Is this thing on?

Seems I've been negligent of late in being honest with myself and staying on task. That's what this is, after all, Dear Reader: it's for me to stay on the straight and narrow, keep hold of my dreams and remember both that I am mortal and must live each day to the fullest as well as remember I am only mortal and must give thanks for every morning I wake. It's not here for you. Sorry.

But feel free to enjoy it anyway.

Since I updated last I had another kid's birthday party, my first real trip for business, and a birthday of my own. The new house is still largely in the same state it was when I reluctantly agreed to move even though full repairs weren't finished, the old house is still full of crap we haven't spent the time or energy to pack or purge, and I've become addicted to crack. Well, World of Warcraft anyway, but what's the difference, really? Maybe WOW is cheaper, but I can't say for sure.

I'm certainly in no state to begin sharing details on those details just yet. I am goaded into action by bad news, news I want to write about but am out of practice in doing so. I am so completely disappointed with this cruel world. So. Terribly. Cruel.

I am trying every day to make a small difference, even if it is within my own household. And I do not know if I am succeeding. In some ways I am reaching out to others, mostly kids. In Sunday School with my 3-4 year olds, in Cubs with the Tiger Scouts. But I believe I could do more. I should do more. I should share more of what I have, even though it falls short of my own expectations. I believe I should be truer to what's inside.

I'm slightly more motivating just having said it.

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