Friday, February 2, 2007

Dirty Ball Blues

An original song by me:

Oh, I got the dirty ball blues

Every time I move my mouse
It gets stuck on the desk
If I use a pad it don't help
Makes me feel so bad

Oh I got the blues
Yeah the dirty ball blues
It's been such a long time
Think I been paid my dues

Used to be I could mouse
All around that pad
Don't matter how much or where I went
I di'n't ne'er feel so bad

Well now I bang my mouse
up and down
on the desk
I go to town
with that thang
don't do no good
seems to me
like it should


Can't make no good man
Put up with such a po', po' thang
So I fin'ly got to Best Buy
Spent me a little twang

Now my mouse is happy
It's got a lil red light
It glides around the mousepad
And feels so, so right


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