Friday, May 2, 2003

Arapaho: Official Welcome

Scene: USS Arapaho, Ready Room

Captain Russell and Commander Hilani stood in front of the three officers who had just reported. They looked fresh and eager, and their new rank insignia made one of the reasons obvious.

“Lieutenant Votaryn Erisoll, Lieutenant Na’Hel Jo’Mal, and Lieutenant Sardra Vol. Welcome aboard. It is my pleasure to congratulate you each on your promotions. Commander Hilani and I have reviewed your records, and we both expect you will deliver nothing less than your best while you are part of the Arapaho crew.”

Captain Russell stood and spoke in an even military tone, devoid of any personality. Commander Hilani said nothing, but at a nod from the CO, he walked across the rank of officers standing at attention before them and handed each a PADD. When he was finished, he stepped back to his position on the Captain’s left, and spoke.

“The PADD each of you has in your hands contains your official transfer orders as well as an introduction of your first tasks on the ship. There shouldn’t be any surprises; if there are, please find me and we’ll get it straightened out. You have each been given new quarters and offices appropriate to your positions; these are outlined as well.”

Captain Russell spoke again. “Before you are dismissed, I have one announcement. While the Commander and I are very pleased with Captain O’Banyon’s recommendations, we have taken the liberty to make one small change.” He approached Lieutenant Erisoll. “Lieutenant, you are hereby assigned the title of Interim Chief Engineer, pending the assignment of another officer by Starfleet. After further evaluation, Commander Hilani and I hope to recommend you for the post, so stay sharp. Congratulations.”

Erisoll, who at first appeared nervous at being approached by the Captain, smiled as if relieved and returned the shook his hand. “Thank you, sir,” he said.

Once again Russell stepped back and regained his perfect bearing. “Again, welcome aboard. It will be a pleasure having you with us. Dismissed.”

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