Saturday, April 5, 2003

Arapaho: From Operations to Communications

Scene: XO's Office

Ensign James entered the office just as Commander Hilani finished up one of the many reports he was due to submit before departure. He looked up as the door chime called. "Enter," he said.

"Ensign Daphne James, reporting as ordered Sir!" the young woman saluted and stood firmly at attention. Jason forgot how it was to be fresh out of Academy.

"As you were, Ensign. Please, take a seat," he asked. She did timidly.

"I won't keep you long," the XO began, "I just wanted to let get your opinion on something."

"Anything, sir," Daphne replied quickly.

"I've been looking through your service history and aptitude scores..." Commander Hilani glanced up as Ensign James shifted nervously in her seat, and continued. "...and I'd like to recommend to the Captain a change in your position, from Operations to Communications Officer. What do you think?"

Ensign James was obviously very uncomfortable at this level of casual chat between a junior officer and an XO. Her efforts at looking comfortable made it even worse.

"Of course, sir, whatever the ship needs!"

Jason sighed. "Ensign James...look. Captain Russell and I want the officers on Arapaho to do the work that will not only serve the ship best, but satisfy their own ambitions. Based on your past work and skills, we both feel it would both fill a gap that would make you much more valuable to the ship and Starfleet in the future, but give you a chance to learn something new, that you'll probably be very good at."

The Commander's rather long explanation left the already nervous Ensign in a mild state of bewilderment. After a moment, all his words managed to sink in. "I understand, sir," she said, "I'll accept the change." She smiled, indicating her confidence in the decision.

Commander Hilani smiled back. "Very good, I'll notify the Captain and make the appropriate changes. Dismissed."

After Ensign James left, Jason hit his combadge. "Commander Hilani to Captain Russell, she agreed. We have a Comm officer."

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